The thermic effect of food

The thermic effect of food is directly related to fat loss The thermic effect is what it costs your metabolism in energy, or calories if you prefer, to digest food. Digesting 100 calories of meat does not cost the same energy as digesting 100 calories of pastry. So, a calorie is not really just a […]


You must earn your carbs

The vast majority of the population is intolerant to carbohydrates. The reason is very simple. Today’s diet is filled with modified and refined foods. The constant high insulin level of this type of diet is the source of the inflammation generated by simple sugars that are present in today’s diet. Before giving yourself a cheat […]


How to deal with carbohydrates?

You want to lose fat and gain muscles?Sport nutrition is more complex than it seems but with some basic concepts, it becomes  an incredible ally. It is crucial to know how much carbohydrate and protein to eat, and at what time of the day. Among other things, what is the right time to increase blood [...] Continuer

Carnivore or vegetarian for body composition ?

Vegetarian or meat-eater? Which is the best way to gain muscle and lose fat? The debate is still alive. In fact, it can be achieved by optimizing the hormonal system, and to do so, a good balance between the two is ideal for both athletic performance and to meet aesthetic objectivesAn adequate level of anabolic [...] Continuer
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